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Monday, March 1, 2021

Expert in an area of business?

We are looking for new enthusiastic content creators to share their knowledge and experiences with our growing number of readers, and to become an integral part of the upcoming nouveau tycoon community. If you are interested, then take a little scroll down below to view our requirements list and the exact process to send us your application.

Benefits of working with us...

  • Gain a relevant back-link to your personal website or brand.
  • Access to our internal promotion rounds to our growing following; across all of our social media accounts and e-mail list.
  • Reach a highly relevant audience with links to your website, name and social media accounts and a picture if you choose.
  • More importantly to be apart of an ever-growing business community supporting entrepreneurs all over the world.


Submission Guidelines

We are looking for any kind of article that can be used by or directed towards individuals that either have an interest in business or are simply looking to further their knowledge in a 'given' area thats either business related or match the categories found on our main navigation bar next our logo.

Our aim is to quite simply provide reliable information to entrepreneurs or business owners to take their vision or idea to the next step, by equipping them with relevant, up to date information that can be implemented with immediate action.

Why Join?

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Topic Ideas

Here are a few topics that we would like to cover:

  • Business Ownership (Pitfalls, Considerations, Types, Advantages & Disadvantages.....) etc.
  • Investing (Risk Management, Tools, Must Knows, Cryptocurrencies....) etc.
  • Management (Teamwork, Self Development, Awareness....) etc.
  • Marketing (Social Media, Branding, Networking, Techniques, New Ideas....) etc.
  • Lessons from Successful Individuals (Lessons, Ideas, Concepts, Strategies....) etc.

  • These topics are here to just give a rough idea or to spark some new ideas; however in our recent demand for guest contributions we have had some writers request their own topics to be added under a main category (for example: Business) with a new focus on 'e-Commerce'; this is not a problem and we would happily accommodate this but we would require at least a minimum of four posts within in the new sub-category to have already been published for it to be appeared under the Business category.

    The articles must be within the 800 - 1500 words range and include the typical introduction and conclusion format with the main body of text neatly presented with images and sub-headings in the center.

    *All content submitted must be unique and original to nouveautycoon.com*

    How to Apply?

    If you've made it this far down the page and are still interested in becoming a guest contributor for us then send us your submission through e-mail; buttons are shown at the top and bottom of the page.


    Make your that the e-mail subject is: 'Guest Contribution Application' for us to filter the e-mail quicker and respond. The e-mail itself is really simple, just introduce yourself, your interests and mention the categories you would like to post under whilst finishing off with a few links to any previous works or an attached word document and then await a response.

    We reserve the right to delete any links or make any adjustments to all published posts in order to better tailor the content to our audiences. Once the article is published on the website (nouveautyoon.com) it officially becomes our property.