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Smart Tips for Cutting Down on Overhead Startup Costs

The moment you realise that your startup expansion might be limited by its budget, you start thinking about ways of keeping your running costs down. A fair portion of new enterprises are initially funded out of the entrepreneur’s own pocket, which means there’s a line to it. Look into some of the ideas to cut your startup overhead costs and see which ones you can apply for your business.

Shared Office Space

Although a lot of startup companies operate out of homes, as they begin to turn profitable, there’s a need for a bigger space to support the expansion. At this stage, it’s easier to find an office space that is shared with another business. Not only do you minimize the costs of a place that you may not be using to the full extent every day, but you also have a chance to meet new creative people.

Process Automation

Automating certain processes within your startup lets you do more work with less manpower, allowing you to streamline tasks and continue scaling without additional resources. It can also centralize communication, so for example, when a client calls and needs information on a specific project, they are not met with poor customer service when they have to wait for 15 or 20 minutes to get a return call. Automation technology also allows startups to better utilize human capital, giving the employees more engaging responsibilities instead of repetitive tasks.

Freelance Workers

The general advice is to hire as many freelance employees instead of full-time ones as you can. Besides the full-time salary, full-time employees assume paid leaves, employee benefits, the equipment they use and other supplies. On the other hand, freelance workers can save you as much as 20 to 30% on each individual, as they use their own equipment and supplies.

Buy Supplies in Bulk

Startup businesses often make a mistake of buying just the amount of everyday items they need, so nothing goes to waste. However, in the long run, this strategy results in higher costs, especially when it comes to stationery items which can be bought online. Winc office supplies catalog is a fine example of a go-to place for office supplies and stationery retailer with leading brands and competitive prices, including weekly hot deals on a huge range of products.

Expense Planning

Running costs such as insurance, utilities, salaries, and others are often overlooked in early stages, as something that will figure itself out. However, this lack of planning in the early stages only makes acquiring assets more expensive when you need them promptly, with costs easily getting out of hand. By planning at the very beginning, you’ll be able to secure enough capital that keeps your business running until you start making profits.

Hiring Policy

Don’t repeat the mistake that many startups make by assuming that hiring friends or family will be more cost-effective than hiring strangers off the employment market. What those entrepreneurs fail to consider is whether these people have the experience and skill needed for the job. What’s more, most often it’s the people who lead your business to the success or failure, and hiring, firing, and then hiring again is an expensive and time-consuming process that no startup can afford.


Overhead costs are the inseparable part of every startup enterprise. However, a great deal of those can be eliminated, or at least reduced with smart and efficient budget planning, so you end up with more profit in the long run. The less you waste on administrative expenses, the more you can channel towards improving the product or the service you’re offering in the first place.

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Lillian Connors
As a senior business strategist, Lillian Connors believes that the question of business goes far beyond the maximization of profit through different money-grabbing ploys. Instead, she likes to think that ethical principles should be at the core of every commercial venture, paving the way for much more balanced distribution of wealth on a global scale.


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