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Simple Checklist for a Memorable Small Business Event

One of the problems with the majority of first-time entrepreneurs in Australia is that the completely forget about the importance of live trade shows and face-to-face meetings. Fortunately, you can have both of these things encompassed in the phenomenon of the small business event. Still, organizing a small business event is not a simple matter, which means that it requires some finesse both in planning and in the execution. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several simple steps that need to find their way to your checklist.

Making a Guest List

The first thing you need to consider when hosting a small business event is the number of guests, alongside their names. The number will indicate everything from the venue/room necessary to some of your budgeting issues, such as catering and refreshment. It will also impact the organization of the place, specifically if you have a presentation that you need everyone to see. Once you have the list, which shouldn’t be that hard due to the fact that we’ve put the emphasis on ‘small’, you can start thinking about the invitations. Here, going eco-friendly is always a huge plus.

The Location

Once you have the number of guests worked out, you need to plan for the location. Now, in theory, you would be able to host an event in your own office, however, you might want to one-up this plan. After all, by showing the full splendor of your company and going for a tad more luxurious solution, you can gain some additional leverage, even make your agenda easier to fulfill. One more issue that’s important here, aside from your agenda and the number of guests, is the availability of suitable venues in the area. For instance, a company from NSW could host an event in one of the amazing Golf Clubs in Sydney, while companies from other regions need to explore their options.

Schedule It Carefully

As soon as you see when the venue that you’ve set your eyes on is available you need to schedule it. Prior to this, do some research in order to see if there are any other industry events around this same date, seeing as how you don’t want anyone stealing your spotlight. Moreover, by scheduling your event in the warmer part of the year, you’ll get the opportunity to think about the outdoor event, as well. Most importantly, you need to give everyone a chance to prepare and organize, which is why this needs to be done as early as possible.


At the end of the day, in order to make your event memorable, you need to A) ensure high attendance (at least according to your plans) and B) make sure that you pump up the hype. Think about it, by announcing the event early on, then revealing bit after bit through an elaborate teaser scheme, you stand a chance of making something truly extraordinary. Nonetheless, a proper marketing campaign for a small business event is not easy to make. Furthermore, it may require execution over the course of months, gradually intensifying as the day of the event draws closer.


The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this is not a social event but a business one. As such, it has a clear agenda. Therefore, you need to clearly outline your goals early in the planning stage and then pick all those methods, techniques and ideas that bring you closer to it. In other words, the attendee experience is a high priority, however, it’s not at the very top of the list. This place goes for your primary goal. Once you get this out of the way, this whole ordeal will become much simpler to deal with.

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