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All You Need To Know About Instagram Engagement Groups

People are finally realising the power they have with the biggest internet photo sharing app with recent statistics showing that over 600 million users are actively using the app on a monthly basis. This is something to seriously consider if you are a business owner or wish to start your own brand. So, let’s get started with the basics.

What is an Engagement Group?

An Instagram engagement group is a group of people in a chat room that post their content and share engagement with each other. Rules differ for each group, but the general concept lies the same. However, there are typically two types of groups; a ‘like’ group and a ‘like and comment’ group. The ‘like’ group shares only likes and the ‘like and comment’ groups shares both likes and comments with each other. Pretty straight forward stuff.

Why use Engagement Groups?

Pretty good question. What’s the point in joining such groups? Well, according to the changes in Instagram’s new algorithm it suggests that posts which receive high engagements (such as like and comments) is likely to be ranked higher on your followers new’s feed and possibly get a mention on the explore page of a few people which makes a massive difference to your overall account in-terms of the impressions, reach and overall user engagement that essentially boosts your follower count which is the main goal here.

Users have found that posting content roughly an hour before you place your name in the engagement groups opens the window to the chance of getting a viral post. This is when you are either featured on the explore page or the top user in a certain hashtag.

Here is an example showing the benefits of using engagement groups

It’s the same post that has been published twice. One is without the use of engagement groups and the other one is with the engagement group. Notice the big difference.

Without Engagement Groups

With the use of Engagement Groups

Statistics – With Engagement Groups









I myself am quite new to Instagram and have roughly 3k followers (nouveau.tycoon), but the difference shown is of an account thrice the size of mine, so it definitely works.

(Blooper) You may see that the username is different on the third picture, this is because of an eager preparation of another blog post that I am working on, which is creating another account from scratch and using a reliable engagement group to boost it as much as possible and essentially documenting the process for you guys. So stay tuned!

How do I Join these ‘Engagement Groups’?

Engagement groups are typically hosted on an app called ‘Telegram’, but you create a few of your own on the Instagram direct message section by creating a group chat and adding certain accounts in to start.

To join an existing engagement group you would either need to be invited by a person or have a referral link that allows you to join it. Or simply find an account in your niche that has really high engagement and ask if they are in one and if they can let you join it. Some are private, others are public; some are even specific to page niches it all depends on the group hoster. You will find that some are actually paid groups and others are free, HOWEVER, there is a massive difference between the two.

Free groups have a lot of people who join and usually end up leaching of others by posting their content and not returning the favour to others. This usually depends on the admin managing the group but I have found that paid groups usually have active admins who regulate and enforce strict rules upon anyone who tries to abuse it. And do be aware of scammers who pose as active groups, because it is becoming really common these days more often to newcomers who are easily targeted so please do your research before you decide to invest into engagement groups.

Free engagement groups can be found all over the internet, a common method is to search through various web articles to find the perfect one in a million group which is highly unlikely. I would recommend you contact pages in similar niches that have a high engagement on their posts. (in terms of their like and comments received), this is usually a good indicator that they are in one and just simply ask politely to join.

However, if your anything like me and do not particularly want to waste any time searching for one you can join a paid engagement group that I am a member of and can personally vouch for. If you’re interested I will leave a link below this.

I hope the article clears up any questions you may have about engagement groups on Instagram. However, if there are any areas you are still unsure about, please do leave a comment below.


Free Engagement Group (Telegram)

We have created our own free engagement group on the app ‘Telegram’, click this link to be re-directed to the app. If there any problems when joining, please send us an e-mail at: contact@nouveautycoon.com and we will manually add you to the group.

(Telegram App Link: JOIN HERE!)

[Alternatively, you can e-mail us your instagram page and we can add you to our Instagram direct message engagement group, if your unable to download Telegram.]

Paid Engagement Group (CLICK HERE!)

If you would like to join the paid engagement group i mentioned please click here to be re-directed to their official page!

(Note: This is a referral link so, if you do decide to purchase the group through this link, I will earn a commission from it.)

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