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5 Ways Technology Will Change Marketing in 2019

With the advent of technology, the field of marketing is changing constantly. In 2019 as well, there are quite a few tech advancements which will induce a change in the field of marketing.

We will today share with you 5 Ways Technology Will Change Marketing in 2019 curated by our friends from Userful.com, these are emerging marketing trends which are fuelled with the help of technology.

1. VR Marketing

Virtual reality is becoming more and more mainstream. Companies and corporates are looking for ways to brand apps which enable virtual reality. Virtual reality is a highly engaging medium. If indeed, corporates and companies are able to brand the VR apps, they will be able to gain a high interaction. Thus, they will gain max bang for their buck. This is the reason why VR is surely going to become mainstream for not just entertainment but also for marketing.

VR marketing will not only receive impetus from companies as well as brands but also from the handset manufacturers. This will help them increase the traction for their devices and create a whole ecosystem around it. That is why; this is the most promising marketing trend for 2019.

2. Push Notifications

Up until now, email capturing was the only way in which websites could actually get back to the visitors. However, push notifications are becoming more and more popular. These days, there are plug-ins which allow you to send push notifications to chrome browser as well as on smartphones. With the help of push notifications, you can directly inform the visitors regarding any new product or service which you launch.

If you run a blog on your website, you can easily notify the users regarding each and every new post. This will ensure that you are able to increase the traction which you get from the repeated users. Also, it is becoming easier to embed push notifications on your website. Thus, in 2019 push notifications will surely gain more traction.

3. Use of Big Data in Marketing

More and more companies are looking to fine tune their marketing campaigns. The option which they had earlier was to opt for trial and error campaigns. With the help of trial and error campaigns, data can be gained which can help you in fine-tuning your campaign. These days, however, there is another way in which you can fine-tune your marketing campaigns. It is with the help of big data.

Big data allows you to gain insights from customer behavior. It can help you gain insights from customer’s past purchases as well. As a result, you will be able to use remarketing in order to increase the return customers. This will significantly help you in increasing the conversion rate. The use of big data in marketing is surely going to gain more traction in the year 2019. The use of big data will also increase the demand for data scientists among most of the corporate’s as well as companies. Thus, in the future, marketing will also involve another aspect which will be data crunching.

4. Interactive Digital Marketing Ads

Digital marketing is becoming more and more interactive. Brands, as well as companies, are launching apps and various software in order to engage the customers through the advertisements. This will help them increase the conversion rate as well. In order to create interactive advertisements, most of the businesses are advertising their mobile websites and mobile apps as landing pages. With the help of both these types of landing pages, greater interaction can be attained with the visitors who click on the advertisements.

The more engaging the advertisement, the higher will be the conversion rate. In the year 2019, companies will focus more on creating interactive and engaging ads which will help them gain a higher conversion rate.

5. Social Media Engagement

While social media engagement is going down but the importance of social media and marketing is going to increase. With more and more people using social media on a daily basis, companies can no longer use social media occasionally. It has become necessary for companies to use social media on a regular basis.

The social media networks as well as instant messaging platforms which most of the businesses need to focus on include:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Whatsapp
  • Pinterest

Owing to a large number of social media networks and instant messaging platforms, social media marketing has become a full-time job for most of the businesses. This is the reason why a separate position is being carved out by most businesses in order to handle their social media activities.

The position of social media manager has actually become imperative for most of the companies. This will open up new job opportunities and also increase the competition on social media. However, the ROI on social media is still going to be more as compared to other forms of digital marketing. This will be one of the most important trends in 2019. The importance of social media is set to increase even more.

So, if you’re looking for marketing trends which will gain more prominence in 2019 due to technology, you should definitely look at these 5 marketing trends. They will not only gain more prominence but it will become almost imperative for corporates as well as companies to focus on social media. Also as a whole, digital marketing will become a more integral part of the marketing plan for most of the businesses in 2019.

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